List of Tourist Destinations in Siesta Key

  • Aug 28 2018
  • By: Admin

Have you heard of this quote?

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

Rightly said above. Just like man cannot eat the same meal everyday or where the same clothes every day, similarly man cannot travel to the same place of work and carry out the same set of responsibilities every day. I think this is the slight line of difference between a man and a machine, right? A machine can work day in and day out, without getting tired or pissed and yes, it can perform the same work every single day too, probably because it is destined to do just that. But we are not machines, right? Do we need a break? Well, I would say we ‘deserve’ a break! And why is that so? Probably because we don’t want the child, the happiness inside us to be trapped and die out. So to renew ourselves, we do need these short vacations which can transform us from inside as well outside.

So are you ready to go on a short vacation? Are you ready to get yourself renewed? Well then, here I have just the perfect plan for you all! Eager to know which place I am talking about? Hold your breaths as I spill the beans! Well, the place I am talking about is Siesta Key! I know most of you must be making faces, mumbling to yourself, I had this place in my mind. Only if I would have been given a chance to speak up, I would have cut a dash. But it is pretty okay, my friend! Now that I have disclosed the name, let us plan together which all tourist places could you visit in this beautiful place!

To start with, first of all let us discuss where this place is. Alright this discussion is not for you my friend as we already know the tricks, but for the ones who don’t know, here’s a short and crisp description for you all! This place is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida. This place is known for its vast and spellbound beaches, limestone outcroppings, boat ramps and a lot of other stuff! To know more, let us quickly move on.

So let us now begin our plan of action. Here we go! To start with, we could visit the beautiful Turtle Beach, Crescent Beach, Siesta Beach, all famous for their sandy beaches. And yes, how could I afford forgetting the Point Of Rocks, which is actually a site that could stop you dead in the tracks with its spellbound beauty! With Clearwater marine aquarium, sunset cruze and many more adventures lined up for you, this place is a perfect one for all the people who love to soak in the sun and relax at the beaches!

So if you are one of these people, then you couldn’t find a better getaway than this one! So come to Siesta Key soon!



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