Famous Places You must visit in Florida

  • Oct 15 2018
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Why you should visit  Forida for Vacation
Places You Must Visit in Florida
Florida also called land of flowers is the southernmost contiguous state in the United
States. It is situated  in west by the  gulf maxico, to the northwest by Alabama. Florida is 
3d most poplous, the 8th-most densely populated states of the U.S. Tourism makes up one
of the largest sector the state economy. Florida mark the 100-million visitor mark for the first time in state history by  a record 105 million visitors It is  most popular tourist hub for vacationers. who spends months at beaches in Florida
There are many tourist attraction in Florida like Amelia Island, Universal Orlando Resort, 
Fort Lauderdale Beach that why it is called shunshine state 
Universal orlando 
Universal Orlando state is best rank challenger to disney, as the largest of the universal
 studio theme park The resort consists of two theme park  The original Universal Studios Florida & the 
2nd  theme park, Island of Adventure. Other beauty  include a nightclub and 
restaurant complex, CityWalk, and three resort hotels. Orlando vacation rentals is one of the most visited place in Florida 
 Amelia Island
Located off the northeast coast of Florida, Amelia Island is a sunrise-lover's paradise. 
While it may be a challenge to get yourself out of bed on vacation, watching the multi-hued 
sky light up and reflect over the Atlantic will be well 
worth the early morning alarm clock.it's a romantic getaway or a large family reunion, Southern charm is abundant and sipping sweet tea in a rocking 
chair on the porch is a must-do.
Fort Lauderdale Beach
Fort Lauderdale beaches border the entire eastern edge of the county. There are miles and miles of beautiful, 
warm sand and the Atlantic Ocean whose changing colors range from a clear, crisp blue to a deep green.
Fort Myers beach florida 
If you are looking for somewhere awesome place to have a fantastic vacation, how about a small but charming and engaging American town,
  Fort Myers Beach beach is located on Estero Island in the southwestern part of Florida,
 alongside the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. Particularly, it is located on a barrier island that stretches for seven miles.
 If you are one of those people that absolutely love the beach.


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