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Fort Myers Beach

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Fort Myers Beach is a town on Estero Island, off the southwest Florida coast. A long, sandy shoreline faces the Gulf of Mexico. The Ostego Bay Marine Science Center features nearby marine life. Toward the east, trails go through Matanzas Pass Preserve nature asylum. Based on an old Calusa Indian shell hill, the 1900s Mound House has archeological displays. Times Square strip mall has stores and restaurants.Located on Florida's Gulf Coast, Fort Myers offers its own incredible shorelines just as being encompassed by somewhere in the range of 100 obstruction and seaside islands to investigate.

The shorelines of Fort Myers Beach are simply steps from our excellent beachfront getaway rentals. Investigate our rundown of stunning beachfront rentals to rapidly design your excursions in this peaceful and unwinding destination.Find Your Perfect Vacation Rental in fort Myers Here! Book presently to appreciate the ideal shoreline involvement in Southwest Florida.

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